The topic that we discussed on the 3rd day of the European Youth Week, was related to youth unemployment. Quite a topical issue as for more and more young people are unemployed as demonstrated by our research. The day began with a constructive dialogue between young people who attended the earlier session during the specific day in our Youth Center. We presented our survey sample, which had 1757 people who had correctly completed their questionnaires. Young people expressed their views and their concerns since they are directly concerned and affected by this issue.

The second part of the evening continued on with the presence of Mr. George Perdikis who is member of the Cypriot Parliament, and Mr. George Makropouliotis, representative of  the European Commission in Cyprus, accompanied by his assistant. After acquaintance a photocopy of the research was given to the guests, followed by a short analysis of the survey results and were invited to give some of their own estimates and opinions. The evening continued at the base of the structured dialogue, which was one of the goals of the week. They listened to the concerns of the youth that were raised from the questionnaires  and some suggestions that young people have to question the status quo. They also raised some questions concerning the next steps of the state, of society and of the European Union itself on how to decrease this major problem of unemployment. The young people made their own contributions / suggestions on this topic. Unfortunately the conversation was interrupted by the departure of Mr. Makropouliotis and his assistant, with Mr. George Perdikis giving us some last suggestions and for us to create in written format a follow up document with proposals of upgrading features on programs that the state wants to help the youth.

The evening was concluded with a meeting of the heads on various issues and prepared for the next day.


Prepared by: Yiannis Kanaris